Graham & Cherie

Graham and I joined the church in 1987. We were looking for a UCC church because we had recently moved to Chula Vista from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Our daughter was baptized at Hope Church (UCC) in Sturgeon Bay and we loved that church so much that we wanted to continue in the UCC.

We looked at several churches in the area and decided on the Congregational Church of La Jolla because of its friendly and welcoming members. We have been members for almost 32 years and consider everyone in our congregation to be our “church family.” We truly love this church!

Bronwyn Kaeser 

I was baptized and confirmed in the United Church of Christ in the 60's and  70's. I have been a member of Congregational Church of La Jolla since 2015. I came here from North Carolina to take care of my father who is a long time member of the church.  I can truthfully say that I have found faith, friendship, fellowship and love here. The people of UCC La Jolla and the love and caring that UCC La Jolla inspires is what I searched for in a church family. I am, finally, home.

Matthias Kaeser

My neighbor brought me here, just after I moved from Europe. The United Church of Christ is, according to the pastor, affiliated with my home church in Germany. I found the church has a real pipe organ, and the music here impressed me. The people of the church inspired me. I joined the choir and, after twenty years since my last organ performance, I began to play the organ again. Church is about people who share together with their belief and interests a similar world view. A common interest in "cosmovision" philosophy. I am happy to have found that at Congregational Church of La Jolla.

Mars Cheung

At the suggestion of a close friend, I found this church back in 2014. As an agnostic, I was searching for a community for myself and looking to learn more about the faith I had originally been born into. I found many wonderful people here from many walks of life. Each person has enriched my life in some way and I've been very happy to have been accepted into this family we have. It's my hope that others who come here will feel the same way.


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