Centennial Year

Though our congregation was gathered in 1889, our current building was built exactly 100 years ago. And so we're celebrating our centennial this year and have lots of special events planned. Coming up are a gala movie premier and catered dinner on January 23, which will feature the first showing of a documentary made about our church. On February 14 there will be a Valentine's Day concert featuring violinist Päivikki Nykter. Other events are planned up until our August rededication service.

Covenant Renewal

Ever since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Congregationalists have joined together in covenant. Our covenants do not tell us what we are to believe, but help us to live out our individual faith expressions in a single community. Every year on the first Sunday of February we renew our covenant in worship. This is not a closed service "for members only," but a public expression to which all are invited. Check out our covenant to see if it's something you can affirm. If so, we invite you to be part of us.

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United Church of Christ

ucc-logoThe Congregational Church of La Jolla, gathered in 1889 and incorporated in 1897, is a faith community in the seaside village of La Jolla in San Diego, California. Our branch of the Christian church is known as the Congregational Way, which we believe was followed by the [...]

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This Month

  • Love & Fear

    December 2015

    In Bonhoeffer’s day, many Americans were afraid. We placed persons of Japanese descent in internment camps and turned Jewish refugees away. 75 years later, we may not be the ones making decisions about granting visas. But we do have a say about what takes up residence within us…

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Latest Sermons

Covenant Renewal

7 February 2016
Let’s appreciate each others’ epiphanies and know that we don’t have to share one another’s religious experience. What binds us together isn’t a common viewpoint, but a desire to live in a community in which different viewpoints are shared and different members’ voices are listened to, even as we each hear the same Voice calling us into union with God and to unity in the body of Christ.

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In Miniature

31 January 2016
Just because we remember somebody a certain way doesn’t mean they haven’t grown… or even just because we knew somebody when things were going really well for them doesn’t mean they’re not having trouble coping today. We should let people be who they are in our presence without forcing our memories on them of who they used to be.

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Beyond Words

24 January 2016
Night is created when today speaks to tomorrow, just as today was created when last night spoke to tonight. Night and day have no argument with each other, and though day always stands between two nights and night between two days, this creates harmony, not confusion. The beauty of one wouldn’t exist without the other, and each fulfills a deeply felt need.

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