Autumn Worship

This fall, our worship services and sermons will address several edifying themes. Coming up are:

  • September 25: Divine Contentment
  • October 2: World Communion Sunday
  • October 9: Blessing of the Animals
  • October 16: Hope for the Future

You're sincerely invited to grow with us spiritually.

After Church

Each Sunday after church, most people stick around for refreshments and fellowship in our social hall and on the patio. There's always coffee and tea, but the snacks vary. Sometimes it's sweets, sometimes it's something healthy, sometimes it's elaborate, sometimes it's simple. It all depends on who volunteered to host. The one exception is when a month has five Sundays: the fifth Sunday is always a potluck meal. Though members are encouraged to bring a dish to share, there's always more than enough food to go around. So if you happen to visit on a fifth Sunday, please know that lunch on us!

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United Church of Christ

ucc-logoThe Congregational Church of La Jolla, gathered in 1889 and incorporated in 1897, is a faith community in the seaside village of La Jolla in San Diego, California. Our branch of the Christian church is known as the Congregational Way, which we believe was followed by the [...]

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This Month

  • Thank You!

    September 2016

    Over the course of the past year, we’ve been celebrating one hundred years in our current location. But it all came to a climax the first week of August when we removed the church’s cornerstone to see what was inside it, and then held a rededication service the following Sunday. God blessed us richly in this endeavor…

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Latest Sermons

Praying for Others

18 September 2016
When we equate our own political beliefs with God’s kingdom, it’s a false equivalency. There are devout Christians who have very different politics from my own, and some of them hold public office. It may certainly be the case from time to time that I must exchange my own peace and quiet for standing up for what I believe in. But when I exchange my peace and quiet for something that is not the gospel, then I have also given up my godliness and dignity.

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Ruminating on Justice

11 September 2016
The kingdom of heaven is not found in those who were left on their own for a time, and not in the lost alone. It is found in the hundred, when those who were safe and the one who was in danger rejoice together—when the one who wanders admit it’s glad to be back, and the 99 who stayed admit that the wanderer was needed.

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Potter & Clay

4 September 2016
Sometimes through our own decisions, and sometimes through decisions that have been made for us, our lives become something that we never intended. Either we have made a mess of things, or someone else has left us a mess that we don’t know how to clean up. When this happens to people of faith—or when people of faith do themselves in—

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