Centennial Year

Though our congregation was gathered in 1889, our current building was built in 1916. And so we're celebrating our centennial this year and have lots of special events planned. We've already had many concerts and other events, and coming up are a St. Patrick's Day Concert (actually on March 18) called "Hoolie in the Kitchen" presented by Celtic Echoes and a rededication service on the first Sunday in August (exactly 100 years after our building was originally dedicated). You're invited to all these events!

Summer Worship

For most of the year, we have a choir helping to lead the service, and our worship is dependent on the printed bulletin. As is the case every year, our choir will take the summer off, and we'll have guest soloists and musical artists from our own congregation helping to enhance our services. Though the setting will be as respectful and worshipful as ever, we will also be less dependent on the printed bulletin during the summer months. The first Sunday of each month, however, will still be a liturgical setting of the Lord's Supper.

United Church of Christ

ucc-logoThe Congregational Church of La Jolla, gathered in 1889 and incorporated in 1897, is a faith community in the seaside village of La Jolla in San Diego, California. Our branch of the Christian church is known as the Congregational Way, which we believe was followed by the [...]

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This Month

  • A.D. 1916

    August 2016

    August 2016
    Life expectancy for men was still under 50 years, but for women it was 54 years. Only 13% of the nation’s youth received high school diplomas. California’s minimum wage was 13¢ an hour. Eggs were 38¢ a dozen, a loaf of bread cost 8¢, and milk was 36¢ a gallon. Ten pounds of potatoes would set you back 25¢. A first class postage stamp was 2¢.

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Latest Sermons

Not Mere Angels

28 August 2016
If I could, though, I’d like to translate this verse using a Greek word that we’re all familiar with. The first word of Hebrews 13 in the original language is also the name of the largest city in Pennsylvania. So I’d like to say, “Let philadelphia continue,” since φιλαδελφία is a Greek word meaning brotherly (or sisterly) love…

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Two Maps and a Journey

14 August 2016 by John Benbow
In the news from the world of science this past week there were stories about two new maps. One of the maps depicts the entirety of the known universe. It locates more than a million of its hundreds of billion galaxies, among which our own Milky Way (with its hundreds of billion stars and its still uncounted planets) is almost insignificant in size.

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God’s Future Is Our Future

7 August 2016, 10:30 AM
So don’t be afraid, little flock. God’s future is our future. We don’t know that future, but we trust that those who come after us will be faithful to word and sacrament, and that they will continue to welcome people into their community. We will leave this place with many of God’s promises still unfulfilled in our lives.

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