While we are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and have ceased in person worship for the time being, we are still gathering our hearts and minds for worship as a church. Each week the staff will be producing an at home worship packet that is emailed out each week. You can find previous weeks’ worship packets here. You can email office@lajollaucc.org to request to be added to the weekly email list to receive these in your inbox.

If you have pastoral requests or concerns please email pastor@lajollaucc.org

With grace

CCLJ Staff



March 15th, 2020

Hello CCLJ Family (and Friends far and wide):

Today we make history. Today we join our hearts in worship from our own homes. We are still very much a functioning, living, breathing church. This is evidence of that. We are doing something that has never been done in the history of our church.

Attached to this email you will find a Home Worship Guide. During these four weeks of at home worship we will be reflecting on what this means. Can we be significant staying at home? What does it mean to contend with illness? With an infirm world? Can we change the world from our own homes? Let’s explore these questions together by looking to the past and looking to our sacred scriptures. For this week, our worship focuses on French painter Henri Matisse who spent the last fourteen years of his life largely at home due to complications of a surgery to remove cancer. Some of his best work was created during this time, including what he considered to be his masterpiece. We will spend more time reflecting on this later. You will even have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of his masterpiece.

Please open the at home worship guide attached to this email by clicking on it. It should open with ease. Start on page one and read through the guide.  There are four audio files that you will see in this email as well. Don’t listen to the audio files until the guide instructs you to. They are listed clearly as “Audio File 1,” “Audio File 2,” “Audio File 3,” and “Audio File 4.” This is to make this as simple as possible. Keep this email open as you work through the worship guide so that you can easily access the audio files when necessary.  When instructed by the guide to listen to an audio file, simply click on the audio file that the guide instructs you to.

Also, please read all the way through the worship guide. Your staff put in an incredible amount of time in getting this together for you with short notice. There is a fun homework assignment at the end. We will ask you to send us a photo. This can be a selfie of you at home today, or a photo of the place you choose to worship, or a photo of something that is currently inspiring you. When we come back together we will use these photos in a special way.

So, get cozy and comfortable. This is still very new for us and we put it together in just over 24 hours. Any wrinkles will be worked out in the coming several weeks.

With grace,

Rev. Tim Seery, Minister

Dr. Nina Gilbert, Music Director

Bronwyn Allen-Kaeser, Office Manager, Soloist



Week 1 March 15th, 2020 Henri Matisse

PDF Instructions:    AT HOME WORSHIP KIT 1 08.52.28





March 22nd, 2020
Dear Church,
Here is the worship packet for our second week of at home church. I continue to thank you for being willing to do church differently during these unpredictable times. Please enjoy the musical selections that were crafted for this week’s worship experience by Nina and Bronwyn. As I said before, we are continuing to look at the lives of noteworthy individuals from history who have had to stay at home for one reason or another. Last week was Henri Matisse and this week is none other than Sir. Isaac Newton. I have received many lovely photographs that you’ve sent me of where you are worshiping. I continue to invite you to send them. Also, if you have prayer concerns or celebrations that you wish to share with our congregation please email me and I will include those on a future packet.
Also, if you want to share a story or photo of what this time apart has got you up to, please do! Perhaps you are working on a project, creating art, writing, or interior decorating. Maybe you are reading a good book or watching an informative Netflix series. We want to know! If you have an thing to share: stories, photos of what you’ve been doing, or advice send them to me at pastor@lajollaucc.org and they will be included in the next worship packet to help keep us connected during this time! Think of it as “virtual fellowship hour” — you just need to provide your own cookies.
With grace,
Rev. Tim



Week 2  March 22nd, 2020 Isaac Newton

PDF Instructions:    AT HOME WORSHIP KIT 2- March 22, 2020





March 29th, 2020

Dear Church,

Here we are already with the third week of our at home worship. Your staff has enjoyed the challenge of working to make these better each week. Originally we had planned for 4 weeks of at home worship. With this being week 3, that would mean that we would also have next week as well. However, as events continue to develop, it appears that local and state stay at home orders will not be lifted by then. Therefore we will come out with further correspondence in the coming week about the future of at home worship.

Also, the current economic state of the world is being felt in all institutions of all sizes, including our own. Our renters’ businesses have come to a grinding halt, and so has their need to rent from us. In addition to this, we feel the squeeze of the global economic downturn on our investments, the income from which we rely upon to meet our operating budget. As a church that makes due with a deficit budget under normal circumstances, this year could prove to be a challenge for us. But I am choosing to see this a simply a “bump in the road” – there is still much road yet to be traveled on the other side. That said however, it is critically important that we continue to support the church as we normally would if we were meeting in person. You can send your offerings and pledges to the church. I am checking the mail a few times a week so your checks will be processed in a timely manner.

Also, it has been such an honor to receive your “homework” each week. The stories and pictures you have shared with me have been amazing. This week I want you to send me a photo of something that is giving you life during this stressful time. I think that we can all share in each other’s inspiration while continuing to stay connected to each other.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the gift that you are to our community.

With grace,

Rev. Tim


Week 3  March 29th, 2020 Frida Kahlo

PDF Instructions: AT HOME WORSHIP KIT 3 – MARCH 29