While we are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and have ceased in person worship for the time being, we are still gathering our hearts and minds for worship as a church. Each week our staff produces and emails an at-home worship packet with words, art, and music. You can find previous weeks’ worship packets here. You can email office@lajollaucc.org to request to be added to the weekly email list to receive these in your inbox.

If you have pastoral requests or concerns please email pastor@lajollaucc.org

With grace

CCLJ Staff



Hello CCLJ Family (and Friends far and wide):

We are still very much a functioning, living, breathing church. This is evidence of that. We are doing something that has never been done in the history of our church.

Below you will find a Weekly worship kit. During these weeks of at home worship we will be reflecting on what this means. Can we be significant staying at home? What does it mean to contend with illness? With an infirm world? Can we change the world from our own homes? Let’s explore these questions together by looking to the past and looking to our sacred scriptures.

Please open the at home worship guide below by clicking on it. It should open with ease. Start on page one and read through the guide.  There are four audio files that you will see below as well. Don’t listen to the audio files until the guide instructs you to. They are listed clearly as “Audio File 1,” “Audio File 2,” “Audio File 3,” and “Audio File 4.” This is to make this as simple as possible. Keep the guide open as you work through the worship guide so that you can easily access the audio files when necessary.  When instructed by the guide to listen to an audio file, simply click on the audio file that the guide instructs you to.

Also, please read all the way through the worship guide. Your staff put in an incredible amount of time in getting this together for you. There is a fun homework assignment too. We ask that you to send us a photo. This can be a selfie of you at home today, or a photo of the place you choose to worship, or a photo of something that is currently inspiring you. When we come back together we will use these photos in a special way.

With grace,

Rev. Tim Seery, Minister

Dr. Nina Gilbert, Music Director

Bronwyn Allen-Kaeser, Office Manager, Soloist


Week 16 June 28th, 2020 California Summer Road Trip

Dear Church,

Attached is the Week 16 Worship Packet. On this first Sunday of summer we are beginning a series called “California Summer Road Trip.” Since most of us are not traveling anywhere this summer this will be our chance to travel together. Each week we will see a different part of California through the eyes of its most prominent artists. This week we start up north in Sacramento with the work of Wayne Thiebaud who will turn 100 years old this November. He has called Sacramento home for several decades and was an important professor of painting at UC Davis. Next week we will proceed down the coast to the Bay Area and then make a stop in LA before hitting up Palm Springs and then onward to our own city, San Diego. Who knows, we might even complete our California trip with stops in Baja and Baja Sur.

What a blessing it is to live in this state. It is beautiful, a source of much of the world’s culture, an economic powerhouse, and as Governor Newsom reminded us recently, a “nation state” in and of itself.

I hope you enjoy our Summer California Road Trip!

If you will, send me photos you have taken on road trips, past and present. What delighted you? Shocked you? Send it my way! I will feature these over the next few weeks.

Lastly, a brief technical note about Audio File 4: we are aware of the background hiss in the recording of this audio file and have ordered new cables that should eliminate that problem by next week.

With grace,

Rev. Tim

AT HOME WORSHIP KIT 16 – California Summer Road Trip



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