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Latest Sermon

A Great and Mighty Cloud of Witnesses

Congregational Church of La Jolla

Rev. Tim Seery

November 5, 2017

It’s a rather bizarre albeit colorful scene. There is a throne surrounded by countless people from every tribe and every nation, speaking every language. Imagine them chattering in their native tongues, circling around this area in excitement and confusion —people from near and far. I think of it looking like what Salvador Dali’s rendition of the Los Angeles airport might look like. Multitudes from near and far under one roof. But in our text today these people are there not to catch a flight, rather they are all dressed in white, standing before the throne giving their glories to God. And  if that’s not enough for you, in this scene we have angels flying above head, some unspecified various creatures crawling around, and elders.

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Second Chances

12 March 2017

UCC La Jolla – The Rev. Bear Ride

When I was a freshman at UCLA I had a free hour at lunchtime in between classes – so I’d sit in the quad in front of the speakers’ forum on Bruin Walk and listen to the lineup of rather oddball speakers – ranging from political revolutionaries to fundamentalist preachers.  One afternoon I ate my peanut butter sandwich to a fire & brimstone preacher who was warning his little flock that there was a very good chance that we’d all end up in hell.  He must have noticed that I was listening – for when he said his final amen, he rushed up to me and stuck his fat little finger in my face and said “are you saved?” Read more